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Re: Sat. meeting

> Bill McPherson wrote:
> Great meeting today - covered a lot of ground - understand our first
> Linux box was working at the end of the day.

In fact, we had two machines up and installing Slackware 3.4 by the
end of the day. Before we get any complaints, it was a split second
decision - we'd spent a lot of time sorting through proprietary 
hardware (MCA et al) getting nowhere and we really needed a small
installation that was easy to fast & easy to install via NFS - hence
Slack was used. The machines will presumably have Debian installed
once we have a base set of Debian packages that we want to use sorted
out - Slackware was used only for hardware testing ;)

Sadly, many of the disk drives (mostly between 80-260 meg)
we had collected were in such a bad state with bad sectors etc. 
that they were unusable for Linux - so more hard drives are needed.
We're also in undersupply of VGA cards, 72 pin ram (70ns) and
VGA monitors, all for obvious reasons (these all get hoarded,
to varying degrees). More 486's wouldn't go astray either.
So, potential donators, here's your chance. 

Catologuing of Melbourne's donations so far went well, although
there's still a fair bit to do. So good work to everybody involved.


Daniel Morriss
Simplicity IT
Email: dmorriss@s-it.com.au