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Here they are...



Computerbank Victoria Meeting Saturday 13th February 1999
Held at 145 Market Street, South Melbourne

Meeting opened 12.30 pm


Patricia Fraser		Bill McPherson		Daniel Morriss
Fred Gillen		Samira Baho		Tony Tay
Sam Reid		Michael Ahokas		Peter Eckersley
Matthew Wright		Rodney Brown

Later arrivals:		Kylie Davies		Toby Bainbridge

People brought food and drink which was much appreciated.

People also went into the workshop area during and after the meeting to work on the catalogue and building systems; Matthew and Michael, who were not interested in administrative matters; Rodney, Daniel, Sam, Peter and Toby worked on cataloguing and putting systems together until quite late in the day. Two systems were up and running at last count!

General Business

Bill reported that the Computer Museum has premises in Spotswood for a ten-year period, and that the organiser is very happy to allow us space. This is not formalised, but Bill hopes to be able to organise a Computerbank/Computer Museum meeting soon. The location is in Chalmers Road, Spotswood.

Fred asked to be subscribed to the mailing list, as the last attempt didn't work.

There was general discussion on the design of the database worked up for recording equipment, as we are using a book as our source document and want it to be "compatible"! The book was made up and some discussion will be had with the database designers as to addition of table fields.

Rodney reported that a company he is working with may be able to allow us to take their surplus computers, if we are able to agree on a non-disclosure agreement. The NDA is particularly important regarding hard drives, since they would normally strip and dismantle these for security reasons. If we want them to let us have them, we need to reassure the company that none of their proprietary information will be released to recipients. Patricia offered to work up a boilerplate NDA for consideration. Rodney will get contact details for us to write to; a letter needs to be composed that can be used to write to corporations like this.

Rodney also thinks that we should start to work out parts which will be hard to get via donations - eg. monitors, memory, HDDs.

Sam suggested that we could possibly provide incentives to donors - perhaps Peter Eckersley as publicity officer could come up with some thoughts on this.

The meeting agreed that more checking was required on the tax-deductibility issue - Toby had not arrived during this part of the discussion so could not report on the results of his efforts.

Peter reported that the Salvation Army might be selling monitors cheaply. He will check this.

Patricia will approach Melbourne PC User Group about presenting to a meeting.

Samira has spoken to the CyberSource Managing Director about donating surplus/unwanted equipment; they have some, but haven't finished sorting it out. When they have completed this, we will probably get what they don't want.

Patricia will type up a draft constitution and email it to Kylie and Peter for their input, in the hope it can go up on the list this week, for consideration, and registration can be attempted before the next meeting.

Samira will contact VicCEG in Coburg regarding space for the next meeting.

Membership fees of $10 each were received from Bill McPherson, Fred Gillen and Tony Tay. A membership Register was begun in the back of the minutes book.

Bill suggested that we not write out of the constitution the possibility of selling or renting equipment, or taking on commercial activities as a potential fund-raiser, so long as the activities don't contravene our objectives. Patricia will work this into the draft for consideration.

Bill reminds us that corporates can become Full members by paying $10, and Patricia suggested that corporates pay $250 pa as support in exchange for publicity such as inclusion of their logo on our publicity material.

Motions / Resolutions / Elections:

1.	Names to be used for registration: 1) Computerbank Victoria and 2) Computerbank Foundation. 	Moved Bill MacPherson, seconded Fred Gillen, carried.

2.	Membership fees: Full member, $10 per annum; Associate Member, $5 per annum. Moved, Patricia 	Fraser, seconded, Bill McPherson, carried.

3.	Bill McPherson to be elected Fundraising Co-ordinator. Nominated Patricia Fraser, seconded 	Fred Gilen, carried.

4.	That recipients not be required to become members owing to the administration difficulty if 	the recipient was a corporate body. Moved Bill McPherson, seconded Fred Gillen, carried.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Saturday February 27th 1999 at 2pm. Venue is undecided; if Samira can get the VicCEG room, we will go there, otherwise VMORE. Venue to be advised on the list before the day.

Meeting closed at 2pm.