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Re: Draft Consitution


This is certainly food for thought - thanks for bringing it to our
attention :)

> 1. The constitution is a legally binding document.  It is perfectly possible
> to sue someone for a breach of the constitution within computerbank.  What
> if you want to put StarOffice on your systems? requiring OSS requires you to
> forget about ever using StarOffice, Applixware or any other such product
> during the course acheiving the aims of Computerbank. There may be a host of
> circumstances where you wish to use proprietary software (I know, it's
> politically bad stuff but eralistically, you don't want to forbit yourself
> from using it) What if you want to put some shareware program (later on down
> the road) onto the systems? etc....

What does everybody else think? 

> e) Promote Open Source somputing, the contribution of GNU to Open Source 
> computing and the use of the Linux computer operating system, and

This needs to be changed / reworded somehow... I think David is
correct when he says that some software within the GNU/Linux realm is
not open source or free (d).

Comments please.