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Re: [Computerbank] The real 2000 bug/virus

Romana wrote:

> gee, i thought it was all the aliens at work - does this mean i can
> remove my tinfoil headwear now? or will the cia still monitor my thoughts?

Hey, the tinfoil is not obsolete, it may protect you or your computer,  from
spatially deployed scalar weapons, like a microwave pulse cannon.  ;-)
The Swedish, have not admitted to all their weapons, lets have a war with
them!  It's lucky we have such good honest politicians to protects us from
these obviouse threats to Australia, isnt it.   Why, war could even make the
insurance companys healthy again.  Why they may even be able to make payouts
to our own citizens that have been deliberately hurt outside of the law by
our own government.  Or they may even make honest payouts to all the Bush
fire victims.



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