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Re: [Computerbank] Menieres Network Build

Hi Mark,

Here's hoping that Grant can give the run down for this - he and others were going to look at this on Saturday as part of the Networking Knot out Day. I have not heard anything. Grant can we have a report or current status? (please send to cai-vic list)

As was mentioned in the Networking Knotting out email - this is a problem that has not been resolved for a long time - 6 months and more.

I will call MSGV tomorrow when I am in the CB Office. At the moment - it appears the network will not be ready in a hurry - and that for now they might consider taking 2 x stand alone systems.

Thanks Mark for bringing this to the attention of the wider Computerbank public - i think it is important that people see we don't always deliver what we say we will - even though - WE SHOULD!



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