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Re: [Computerbank] RE: Computerbank best days for newbies

Hi all interested in coming down to CAI-Vic this Wednesday,

It would be great if you could turn up around midday or so so that we can get everyone underway on tasks as a group.

I also wanted to go through some of the more routine admin aspects of Computerbank with this group. (Dont worry Wendy or people that miss out - we can do this again next Wednesday)

At 2pm - we are expecting a handful (6) of new volunteers for induction - so we will be fairly busy at this point.
For this week - there is a fair amount of preparation work / organisation work to do - so mainly this is what we will be doing in the early part of the day. Once we are organised - we might get to go through the software install process in the late afternoon. :)

Cheers and seeya Wednesday,


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