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Re: [Computerbank] PPP and the CAISA Install

Hi David,

In Vic ...we use pppconfig (we used to have kppp - but it is proving a little buggy at the moment). With this said - we have group perms set up so that we have a dialout and dip group. All users go into the dialout/dip groups and can execute pon or poff as they like.

We have also created some dandy little icons for the desktop - these when clicked on activate pon or poff - depending on which icon you hit. It is quite sinple and easy to manage for new users.

Failing our icons not working - pon / poff in a terminal work fine.

Note: In pppconfig we just use the default provider - we dont change it, if changed you need to type pon nameofprovideryouentered.

Hope this helps somewhat.



David Lloyd wrote:

Hi There,

I have setup someone's PPP using pppconfig. I've current got:

sudo pppd /dev/ttySHCF0 file /etc/peers/picknowl

...working (having setup sudo by reading the deliberately confusing sudo
man page). I've wrapped this and a killall -9 pppd in:


Person wants multiple people to be able to log on. People in a
particular group, eg "pppusers".

Is there any better way to set this up? I'm sure there is but I can't
quite work it out.


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