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Re: [Computerbank] What is this list about?

Hello there,

I think the comment and questioning below was really out of line. I hope that 
we do not see comments like this from people that are not delegated to even 
consider answering them or to probe further like you did. 

As Anthony is obviously from NSW - a CBNSW representative would have been the 
most appropriate person to reply to Anthony (probably as a private message) 
about this  - and certainly not in the thoughtless way you replied. 

I think it is perfectly reasonable that someone join this list, by free 
choice, to find out more about Computerbank. It is also perfectly reasonable 
that they expect to read information and discussion that relates to 
Computerbank projects Australia wide.

Indeed, the list greeting message says: 

"This list is for the discussion of projects relating to the
redistribution of old computers with GNU/Linux installed on them. It is
hoped that these computers will go to individuals who can not afford to
pay for information technology. ( especially including the disabled,
families with school aged children, chronically ill isolated individuals
and community groups etc) It is hoped that many (if not all) systems
will be distributed with internet access capabilities so that 'pc
recipients' can access the Internet for information and communication
purposes. Please feel free to offer suggestions and join the discussion."

While the list is currently not moderated (it wasn't necessary in the early 
days, censorship, moderation time and such like) the National Committee 
Meeting has mailing lists on it's agenda for Monday night's IRC meeting. 

Meanwhile my next post, a forwarded message, will be about a CBNSW project 
that does give an example of the type of work that we perform in the 
community. :) 

Cheers, and please try to stay on the list TOPIC... or I, the list-owner will 
unsubscribe you and change the subscription policy. :) 


Kylie Davies
Victorian State Coordinator
Computerbank Australia Inc 

On Thu, 13 Feb 2003 17:52, you wrote:
> Ah, strings.  Exactly how many computers do you have to give at the moment.
> And how many each year has been approved for disposal to computerbank by
> the NSW Dept of health?

> greg
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> From: "Anthony Jack" <AnJack@doh.health.nsw.gov.au>
> To: "<" <computerbank@lists.linux.org.au>
> Sent: Thursday, February 13, 2003 10:19 AM
> Subject: [Computerbank] What is this list about?
> I am only new to this list and I joined it becuase I am part of a large
> organisation with a large turnover in computer equipment. I thought the
> list would enable me to find out about worthwhile ways of disposing of
> computer equipment that would be of benefit to the wider community.
> However, since I joined I only seemed to have gotten mails about a war in
> Iraq.
> Whilst it is an important issue, I don't think it is the purpose for which
> this list was set up (and the reason I subscribed to it).
> Regards
> AJ
> Anthony Jack
> Project Officer
> Northern Sydney Health


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