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Re: [Computerbank] What is this list about?

Ah, strings.  Exactly how many computers do you have to give at the moment.
And how many each year has been approved for disposal to computerbank by the
NSW Dept of health?

I have only received three messages on this list today, and they are all
'noise' from people wanting to control the conversation of others.


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Subject: [Computerbank] What is this list about?

I am only new to this list and I joined it becuase I am part of a large
organisation with a large turnover in computer equipment. I thought the list
would enable me to find out about worthwhile ways of disposing of computer
equipment that would be of benefit to the wider community.
However, since I joined I only seemed to have gotten mails about a war in
Whilst it is an important issue, I don't think it is the purpose for which
this list was set up (and the reason I subscribed to it).


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