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Re: [Computerbank] What is this list about?


> I am only new to this list and I joined it becuase I am part of a large
> organisation with a large turnover in computer equipment. I thought the
> list would enable me to find out about worthwhile ways of disposing of
> computer equipment that would be of benefit to the wider community.

You're on the right list but unfortunately a number of people persistently
post well meaning but highly inappropriate messages.

> However, since I joined I only seemed to have gotten mails about a war
> in Iraq. Whilst it is an important issue, I don't think it is the
> purpose for which this list was set up (and the reason I subscribed to
> it).

I heard that the NSW Government [I think - I could have gotten NSW/VIC
muddled] actually has contracts for people to take away their older
computers. Is this true?

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