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[Computerbank] Fwd: [CAI-committee] Press Release: Kathleen York House

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Subject: [CAI-committee] Press Release: Kathleen York House
Date: 11 Feb 2003 23:57:56 +1100
From: Craig Warner <craigw@blue.net.au>
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In February 2003, Computerbank NSW continued its commitment to solving
the digital divide in New South Wales by providing  equipment, training
and manuals to Kathleen York House,   located in the Inner City of

Computerbank NSW provided a complete computing package of hardware
(Processor with sound card and network interface card, speakers, 17"
Monitor, Laser printer and  modem), and software. The software was built
upon the Linux operating complete with OpenOffice (spreadsheet, work
processing & presentation), Mozilla Web Browser, Evolution email and

The system was design to provide the clients of Kathleen York House an
additional means of facilitation  their rehabilitation with a safe,
robust, secure and friendly user interface computer experience at no

The computer equipment was provided by a generous donator here in
Sydney, with the software installation and training provided by
Computerbank NSW.

A Project of The Alcohol and Drug Foundation of NSW

Dear Craig,

We here at Kathleen York House, would like to express our gratitude for
the donation of a computer system.  I could not possibly describe the
difference it has made to our functioning as a Professional Service.
Before we had the new system that you installed for us, we operating
with all bits and pieces of other computers, it was not easy at all to
work under those conditions.

We now have a reliable and up to date system to help us complete all of
our administrative tasks and also our design and art work, thanks to
software that you so kindly donated along with the system.  We would
also like to thank you for your patience with the training that you
provided to our staff, they will benefit from that for a long time to

Thank you kindly Craig.

Yours sincerely,

Gina Ingrouille


Kathleen York House (KYH) is a residential drug and alcohol
rehabilitation program for women and their Children. Kathleen York House
is also committed to assisting women who are dealing with the impact of
domestic violence, eating disorders, sexual abuse and depression.

The house itself is a handsome 19th Century building which initially had
been a community hospital and later an art gallery. It is centrally
located in the Inner City and is ideally situated to allow for the
transition back into mainstream living. The house is run by the Alcohol
and Drug Foundation through private and some government funding.
Kathleeen York House is named after the Late Mrs. Kathleen York and has
been furnished and equipped with fund from the York bequest, and
donations from private benefactors.

Kathleen York House provides a safe, nurturing and supportive
environment essential for recovery and for developing a drug-free
lifestyle. Kathleen York House has room for 8 women and five children.

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