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Re: [Computerbank] new to Debian

Hi there,

CAI-VIc has copies of Debian (8 CD set) available for around $12.50 a set for 
volunteers and $25 for non-volunteers. We need advance warning if you plan on 
ordering a set. 

At the moment we are only open Wednesdays - 12-5pm, Thursdays 9.30-5pm, 
Fridays 9.30-5pm and some Saturdays 12-5pm (advance notice given re us being 
open on a Saturday as this is dependant on volunteers being on a roster). We 
will be open on Sat 22nd Feb and Sat 1st March. Other dates in March will be 
finalised at the next CAI-Vic branch meeting. 



Kylie Davies
Victorian State Coordinator 
Computerbank Australia Inc 

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