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[Computerbank] Scheduled training (only recipients) for Saturday 1st of March - training helpers required - VICTORIA - long post

Hello all folk (re Vics mainly but experience is probably useful for other 
States - also sorry re cross-posting), 

I am *optimistically* scheduling a training class for Saturday 1st of March 
(starting at 1pm). This class is primarily for the computerbank recipient 
that has minimal skills. There will also be some very sensitive recips in 
this class. 

Anyway - why I am writing this email - is because I need around 3 volunteers 
to agree to come and assist with the training on this day because it will 
definately be needed. :) The training will probably not follow the normal 
training outline - and recips needs will direct the training. 

If I can not get any helpers with this class - it will undoubtedly have to be 
cancelled. Helpers should put their name down with a view to delivering 
training on their own (ie: without Penni or I even being in the Computerbank 
building). :) 

On this day I am also going to need someone to do phones/reception and any  
paperwork associated with finalising computer applications (system build 
forms / disclaimers). It is a very annoying thing - to be taking a 
training class, answering phones and greeting people at the door all at the 
same time. (People who were around at the training session on Friday / 
Wednesday Induction would have noticed this) It is also not a very good look 
or experience for new trainees. 

Again - if we can not get people to agree to turn up and do this - training 
will have to be cancelled. 

This brings me to the next thing....training recips is probably the most 
important part of what we do, and we are not managing that very well at the 
moment. It's great to have people building the systems - we need that too, 
but if we are not training people so that they can get their system and use 
it - what is the point???

Penni and I, Trish and I before this - have been running the training classes 
every week now for over 2 years - and when we need (i really mean need) a 
break - everything goes to pot. Penni and I invested a lot of energy training 
new volunteers in the delivery of training - and thus far out of that 
investment - two / three people occassionally continue to help and have 
occassionally taken the odd class on their own. 

While I admit training is a little tricky and requires some skill - it really 
isn't rocket science. Furthermore - one on one training classes can be 
orgnanised - if volunteers let me know about a week in advance when they can 
deliver the training. I can then call a recip and book them. 

Are there any takers? You can take a group or a single person - usually in 2 
or 3 hours stints? You need an advanced understanding of generic computer 
skills, KDE Desktop Skills, word processing, interoperability, file 
management and using floppies (so you know what I mean when i say 
mount/umount floppies). You are definately a right clicker who knows what a 
widget is and how to find the title bar. :)

There is a comprehensive trainers guide - and trainers checklist. There is 
also a client orientation workshop document on the CAI-Vic Intranet - usually 
I run this as a class. I will schedule one of these before the training day. 
I will also be delivering another training session on friday  (with wfd 
people and recips) so if you are interested in seeing how I run this - 
fantastic opportunity. This session will be in the afternoon. So really all 
you could need to become a trainer down at Computerbank is on offer. :) 

How did Computerbank start? Instead of sitting back and saying 
what if this existed - it would be a great thing - i stood up and said - lets 
do it, who wants to help and I got on with the necessary steps that got this 
thing off the ground. 

If i didnt know what to do, or how to do it - I would ask / look around / 
research information and others expereinces - so that it could be done.

So don't be Scared, (don't just sit back and say - well I could help with 
that if I *(insert lame excuse here), Stand up and be counted as a 
Computerbank Victoria Trainer. Just get down here and do it. :) 

I can not *stress* enough how training is an essential part of processing 
applicants - currently applicants are waiting anywhere up to 4 months for 
their systems. The bottleneck is the training and lack of willing and brave 
trainers. SOS. SOS. This wait time could be reduced to a one month turn 
around if more people volunteered to train. :) 

Please reply to me privately or see me down at Computerbank Victoria on 
Wednesdays or Saturdays if you can help in any way whatsoever. 

Thanks in advance and as usual another long winded email from me (hope you 
get / got the point/s). 


Kylie Davies
Victorian State Coordinator 
Computerbank Australia Inc

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