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Re: [Computerbank] new to Debian

Hi Don and others,

The CAI-Vic distro is tailored according to some of our recips needs, but I 
believe it could be a little more modular with choices packages to 
include. (Like debian is - Yes I am aware of purge. Sure. But if it was 
modular at the beginning - there would be no need to purge.)

EG: Not everyone wants or needs 40 odd games, and some would argue (ie 
parents and others) that 3-15 year olds shouldn't be exposed to the game 
dopewars - which still remains in the custom CAI-Vic build despite requests 
to have it moved. ;)  If you didnt get what I was talking about above re 
modular - with respect to games - we might have a card-task package - with 
all the card game debs. Then we might have a childrens-games-task package - 
with just kids game debs.  And so on. 

I guess I will leave some of the technical people to comment here, 
particularly those who have had a hand at building it. :) I am not aware if 
we have a version to distribute at the moment. The CAI-VIc Technical 
Coordinator, Grant, may be able to help with this question???

Certainly our wishes to include a wordprocessor with interoperability, 
spreadsheet program, internet appllications, a set of standard games, a set 
of standard utilities - ie all the stuff you'd expect to get out of a 
preinstalled windows box. All of this is included. Then there's the bonus 
items such as Ktouch Typing tutor, childrens educational games (such as 
GCompris and Tuxtyping) and graphics applications like the GIMP. It really is 
quite a comprehensive setup designed to satisfy most peoples needs. We add 
additional software on request or if needed. 

> I am helping another NFP keen to evaluate OS solutions for public-access
> workstations... is the CB Debian CD-set in any way 'tailored' for a
> specific purpose, or is it a generic Debian install? - How do I go about
> ordering a set of CD's from NSW?

We can burn and send you a copy of CD's - the full Debian set (for the 12.50 
+ something for postage price) - but we need a bit of time to do so. Probably 
can happen this week or next week. Reply to is now set to sender - so I 
should be easy to communicate with now. :) 

We also have knoppix 3.1 ($5) - a bootable debian based linux on a CD - this 
can be installed onto the hdd with the knx-hdinstall script.  CAI-Vic is in 
the process of translating the install script from German to English. It will 
be available soon - but it is pretty straight forward, even in German. 
There's even a how to - on getting your own custom Knoppix - "My Knoppix." I 
am not sure of where it is - but Tim Price knows about it so maybe he might 
feel inclined to post something about it?? ;) 



Kylie Davies
Victorian State Coordinator 
Computerbank Australia Inc 

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