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Re: [Computerbank] Re: [cai-sa] Colorful KDE 3.1 Performance On Low-End Hardware - Running KDE 3.1 On Antique Iron


> IMHO GNOME 2.2 has no place on user boxes.

I assume, though, that you would include the necessary libraries and stuff
to run Gnome 2.2 applications (space permitting).

> It has its place, but that's not with end-users. It's exceptionally
> unconfigurable and unintuitive - it took me a full 5min to find out how
> to configure Gnome Terminal, and I'm not clueless, and I only found it
> out by brute force in the end!(Edit->Profiles, indeed ...).

It may be "less configurable" or present less configuration options to the
end user but do end users really want to set how many pixels wide the 10th
character on the fifth paragraph of the sixth section should be?

> It looks ...  less awful ... than GNOME 1.4, but that's about it.


Obfuscated Perl looks nicer than the default Gnome 1.4 ;-P

> Daniel, speaking for myself.

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