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Re: banner ad

On  1 Jan, Kylie Davies wrote:

> Definite use of gnu/linux apps (GIMP), Probably should not be
> animated, judged on original size, closing date - ?? (depends on
> response I suppose)

Animated logo's are only good for web sites, not for letterheads,
badges etc.

> I have put gif as the preferable format...but now I am not so
> sure...what are your thoughts on this? 

Not really an issue as there are good tools to convert from one format
to another, but if you want to be pedantic then I's suggest jpg rather
than gif. Jpeg is unencumbered with patent restrictions. Any "common
image format" is probably best.

> What are your thoughts on logo size (both visual and data)?

I'd guess that what you'd be doing is judging the design, rather than
the specific implementation of a logo. When a winning design is chosen
it can be retooled into whatever size/resolution is needed, with or
without the artists assistance (so long as someone else is willing to

I strongly recommend you clearly state what will happen with copyright
for the work. It's fairly harmless, as it'd be a mean person who would
submit a logo and then later claim copyright and attempt to claim
royalties or what not, but never-the-less, make it clear now what
rights you want to have to it and there will little chance of coming to
grief later.