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banner ad

It's 01 Jan 99  23:41:19,
We'll return to beckster@warehouse.net and All's
discussion of banner ad

 be> Definite use of gnu/linux apps (GIMP), Probably should not be
 be> animated, judged on original size, closing date - ?? (depends on
 be> response I suppose)

 be> Couple of questions that I have for people here:

 be> I have put gif as the preferable format...but now I am not so
 be> sure...what are your thoughts on this?

I wouldn't get bogged down in format at this stage.  The format to be
used should be decided when implementing the logo.  Only restriction I'd
put is that the format should be readable to GIMP, and the logo
convertible to GIF or JPG, for the purpose of web publishing.

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