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Random thoughts

Debian - Gave Debian a go on the weekend.  Haven't had a good chance to
play with it, but it seems rather cool.  It doesn't seem like you can
install a usable system from floppys tho.

Docs - We need to work out what apps we will be using and what
documentation we have, and whether the docs are useful for end users.  We
might have to write some docs, training material etc.  RMS is setting up a
mailing list for GNU docs that need doing, I'll see if I can dig up the

Apps - What apps are we using?

Mail - Pine
Web - Lynx
An IRC app
A news app (or just use Pine)
Anything else?? Editor/Spreadsheet etc

Does anyone know how to set up Pine to work with a dial up connection?

People - where is everyone, what skills do people have -
training/installing/doc writing/programming/distro making/PR.