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Random thoughts

It's 05 Jan 99  00:35:01,
We'll return to spblunt@bigpond.com and All's
discussion of Random thoughts

 sp> Mail - Pine
 sp> Web - Lynx
 sp> An IRC app

Try BitchX for IRC, it's quite good.

 sp> A news app (or just use Pine)

Pine's as good as any, from what I've heard.

 sp> Anything else?? Editor/Spreadsheet etc

If the system has enough grunt, consider installing X.  Then all the GUI
apps will be available.  At work, I use KDE under X for a very useable
environment. :-)  However, this is really only an option for Pentuims or
fast 486's.

Editor, something like Pico would be useful.  It's easy to use, has
wrapping (which can be turned off with the -w switch).  Also has the
same command set as Pine's editor, leading to some consistency.

 sp> Does anyone know how to set up Pine to work with a dial up connection?

If I recall, Pine supports IMAP (but few ISPs would).  The usual method
is to make your hostname the same as the ISP's, and use fetchmail to
pick up your POP mail.  Just don't post anything while logged in as
root, otherwise you'll look like root@yourisp.com  (hehe, could be a
nice trick :) ).  It would be worth reading the relevant How-To (there
is one for dynamic IP users).

 sp> People - where is everyone, what skills do people have -
 sp> training/installing/doc writing/programming/distro making/PR.

I think I mentioned mine somewhere.  More in the system admin side, so
things like installing aren't unfamiliar to me. :-)  Training may be a
possibility in the future, as it looks like I may be doing some
workplace training courses this year.

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