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Re: Random thoughts

Tony Langdon (tlang@freeway.apana.org.au) wrote...
>  sp> Mail - Pine
>  sp> Web - Lynx
>  sp> An IRC app
> Try BitchX for IRC, it's quite good.

We're trying to list text stuff though.

ircII seems the standard.  Other options would be sirc and colorirc which
is a hack of ircII adding colours which can be nice.
>  sp> A news app (or just use Pine)
> Pine's as good as any, from what I've heard.

From the usability point of view, I think using the same apps as much
as possible is good, so Pine/Pico sounds OK.  Personally I'd never use
either of them, but I'm weird.
>  sp> Anything else?? Editor/Spreadsheet etc
> If the system has enough grunt, consider installing X.  Then all the GUI
> apps will be available.  At work, I use KDE under X for a very useable
> environment. :-)  However, this is really only an option for Pentuims or
> fast 486's.

*raises aan eyebrow*

I wouldn't make -anybody- cope with X on anything less than a decent
Pentium.  It's -painful-.

Other possibilities:
TinyFugue for MUDding.


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