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X windows (Re: Random thoughts)

> > Try BitchX for IRC, it's quite good.
> We're trying to list text stuff though.

I have seen only text versions of BitchX, didn't know there was an X version.

> ircII seems the standard.  Other options would be sirc and colorirc which
> is a hack of ircII adding colours which can be nice.

also epic which is a modified version of ircII

> I wouldn't make -anybody- cope with X on anything less than a decent
> Pentium.  It's -painful-.

A stand alone X terminal with a 486 is no problem at all, the main
factors are the monitor, graphics card, graphics memory and system memory.
Most C users want to run a lot of text stuff and a bit of line graphics,
you only need CPU grunt if you are playing with bitmaps, textures, 3d stuff.

I have an X terminal being used for CAD here and the 468DX33 is no problem,
16M ram and 100M hard drive, 2M graphics card. Note that it is just an X
terminal so the big apps run on another machine. Also note that CAD is all
text and line graphics so the screen update is about an eyeblink.

> Other possibilities:
> TinyFugue for MUDding.

Yeah, make sure there are plenty of MUD clients. We need to build up
the strength of Australian MUDders.

	- Tel