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POP mail (Re: Random thoughts)

>  In fact, how the hell does
> > one set up a dial-up mail system _without_ fetchmail??
> I used a dial-up mail system for about two years without using
> fetchmail, although fetchmail -d 300 is a hell of a lot easier on the
> system than Netscape was.

There is a program called popclient which would read from a POP3
port and tip the results onto the end of a mailfile or feed them
to the standard out. I don't like fetchmail at all because it will
ONLY output into an SMTP port which means that you still need sendmail
or similar to sit on the local port and handle the delivery.
Having sendmail monitor an SMTP port for a single user desktop box
is a useless memory hog and I don't WANT people trying to direct
deliver stuff to my box anyhow.

popclient has gone out of fashion and you don't see it around much
but for my purposes it is still most useful, I have source code is
anyone wants it -- it is under GPL.

	- Tel