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Re: Random thoughts

Umm, 'scuse my ignorance, but why would anyone need to set up anything
especially for pine to work with a dial-up connection?? You set up ppp,
you use whatever mail program you want...!? In fact, how the hell does
one set up a dial-up mail system _without_ fetchmail?? 

I would have though one would just use (excerpts from) the standard
HOWTOs/NAG/SAG for setting up email and net access.

Please feel free to flame me if I've totally missed the point. :)


Nathan Dietsch wrote: 
> > Does anyone know how to set up Pine to work with a dial up 
> I have a mate who did this. I will get the instructions from him, not
> sure why he did it, just for the challenge I guess. I know it uses
> fetchmail but not sure what else.