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Re: Random thoughts

On 4 Jan 1999 12:04:35 GMT, gossamer@tertius.net.au (Gossamer) wrote:

>Tony Langdon (tlang@freeway.apana.org.au) wrote...
>>  sp> Mail - Pine
>>  sp> Web - Lynx
>>  sp> An IRC app
>> Try BitchX for IRC, it's quite good.
>We're trying to list text stuff though.

Despite the name, bitchx is a text app.  Basically a colorful ircII.

>ircII seems the standard.  Other options would be sirc and colorirc which
>is a hack of ircII adding colours which can be nice.
>>  sp> A news app (or just use Pine)
>> Pine's as good as any, from what I've heard.
>>From the usability point of view, I think using the same apps as much
>as possible is good, so Pine/Pico sounds OK.  Personally I'd never use
>either of them, but I'm weird.

I was checking out the Pine licence last night and it seems less than free
(in the speech not beer sense).  How strict are we going to be on that sort
of thing?

Steven Blunt