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Random thoughts

It's 05 Jan 99  16:06:59,
We'll return to terry@albert.aapra.org.au and All's
discussion of Random thoughts

 te> Memory is more important than CPU speed for X performance.

 te> I have run X11 on a variety of low end CPU's quite acceptably for many
 te> years, so long as you have at least 16M of RAM it's fine.

And indications are that RAM for 486's will be plentiful in the not too
distant future, as FPRAM (and even EDO) are now obsolete.  Some business
did move the RAM out of their old 486's into Pentiums, but on the next
upgrade cycle, perfectly good RAM will have to be mothballed, so with a
bit of luck, there may be a glut of secondhand RAM soon. :)

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