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POP mail (Re: Random thoughts)

It's 05 Jan 99  17:41:24,
We'll return to telford@eng.uts.edu.au and All's
discussion of POP mail (Re: Random thoughts)

 te> to the standard out. I don't like fetchmail at all because it will
 te> ONLY output into an SMTP port which means that you still need sendmail
 te> or similar to sit on the local port and handle the delivery.

If it delivers to the local port 25, you don't need to have sendmail
listening there, a simple port redirector pointed at your ISP's mail
server would suffice. :-)

 te> popclient has gone out of fashion and you don't see it around much
 te> but for my purposes it is still most useful, I have source code is
 te> anyone wants it -- it is under GPL.

Worth a look. :)

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