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Re: POP mail (Re: Random thoughts)

Fetchmail is from same guy(Eric Raymond - ESR), and  is updated
than popclient has more functionarity.(Suuports IMAP, has GUI for
settingup, etc)

I am sure there is packages( in RPM, Debian, etc) avaialble, too.

If you use FreeBSD, there is a package, too.


On Tue, 5 Jan 1999, Telford Tendys wrote:

> > 
> >  In fact, how the hell does
> > > one set up a dial-up mail system _without_ fetchmail??
> > 
> > I used a dial-up mail system for about two years without using
> > fetchmail, although fetchmail -d 300 is a hell of a lot easier on the
> > system than Netscape was.
> There is a program called popclient which would read from a POP3
> port and tip the results onto the end of a mailfile or feed them
> to the standard out. I don't like fetchmail at all because it will
> ONLY output into an SMTP port which means that you still need sendmail
> or similar to sit on the local port and handle the delivery.
> Having sendmail monitor an SMTP port for a single user desktop box
> is a useless memory hog and I don't WANT people trying to direct
> deliver stuff to my box anyhow.
> popclient has gone out of fashion and you don't see it around much
> but for my purposes it is still most useful, I have source code is
> anyone wants it -- it is under GPL.
> 	- Tel