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Re: Random thoughts

Gossamer wrote:

> I wouldn't make -anybody- cope with X on anything less than a decent
> Pentium.  It's -painful-.

Oh, I wouldn't say it's _that_ bad... in-fact, I've got two computers at home
- a Pentium 100 with 32mb ram, and a 486-66 with 36MB Ram.... I've loaded the
Pentium with Windoze 95 (for my wife), and given myself the 486 running
redhat 5.1 with the stock X that comes with rh 5.1... It works fine...
certainly as fast as the Pentium running Windoze anyway)... ;-)

Of course, the faster the machine, the nicer it is, (and I wouldn't say no to
a better machine  for myself when I get some cash together)  but the 486
system gives adequate performance with a real OS like Linux  - MS bloatware
on the otherhand - hey I wouldn't willingly inflict that on _anyone_ if I
could avoid it - regardless of the system (I _know_ I've just told you my sin
about giving win95 to my wife -  but as soon as GNOME is up-to-scratch my
wife may also be getting a better OS system ;-)  ).

David Buddrige