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Re: Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

Hello all,
If I may be permitted to 'throw a spanner'
I am using [not mine] a 386sx/40 8M Ram/100M HDD/16 
colour/sound card/9Meg Swap file
OS DOS 6.22 - WIN 3.1

On board 
a) the usual Win stuff - Notepad, Write, Screen Savers, Card game 
	recording stuff, Paintbrush/MS Works and so on including a 	
	/system directory full of no longer needed files + 
b) Internet - 28.8 Modem + fast comm prog/Trumpet 				
	Winsock/Pegusus Mail/WS FTP/Free 	Agent/Iexplorer (now 	
	trying Opera - less disk)/ICQ [Win32s]
All the above works fine reasonably fast (2.6 - 3.0K download) 
except I do need to reboot with GPF [but not too often]
So, my spanner is this: If I can do all the above with a GUI {and 
many people who will receive a ComputerBank machine may have 
had some similar experience} WHY should I go and use this "new" 
"funny" OS called Linux and only use text based progs??
Excepting that I want to get out of the DOS/MS envir AND learn a 
lot more than I know now - If I was given a machine with only text 
based clients I would probably reformat the HD and put DOS/MS 
on board.
Please do not flame me, this is only to show what could happen if 
we offer a perceived "lesser" product 

PS -When I am financial I WILL be buying a new PC and installing