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Re: Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

The Oracle wrote:

> Hello all,
> If I may be permitted to 'throw a spanner'
> I am using [not mine] a 386sx/40 8M Ram/100M HDD/16
> colour/sound card/9Meg Swap file
> .
> OS DOS 6.22 - WIN 3.1
> On board
> a) the usual Win stuff - Notepad, Write, Screen Savers, Card game
>         recording stuff, Paintbrush/MS Works and so on including a
>         /system directory full of no longer needed files +
> b) Internet - 28.8 Modem + fast comm prog/Trumpet
>         Winsock/Pegusus Mail/WS FTP/Free        Agent/Iexplorer (now
>         trying Opera - less disk)/ICQ [Win32s]
> All the above works fine reasonably fast (2.6 - 3.0K download)
> except I do need to reboot with GPF [but not too often]
> So, my spanner is this: If I can do all the above with a GUI {and
> many people who will receive a ComputerBank machine may have
> had some similar experience} WHY should I go and use this "new"
> "funny" OS called Linux and only use text based progs??

Just my $0.02.

1. If they do that, that's their business (I really don't care).
2. The machine you mentioned would run X, and would most likely be
installed with such when given to said recipient.
3. _We_ can't give them pirate stuff lest M$ sue us to kingdom come.
What they do afterwards is on their head.
4. I understand  one suggestion being tossed around at the moment is to
offer training first followed by computer, in which case they would have
been shown the benefits (esp. regarding employability).


David Buddrige.