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Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

It's 07 Jan 99  08:20:05,
We'll return to dbuddrige@ozemail.com.au and All's
discussion of Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

 db> 1. If they do that, that's their business (I really don't care).

Agreed, if we're giving them a system (as opposed to loaning it), then
what they do with it once we give it to them is entirely their business.

 db> 2. The machine you mentioned would run X, and would most likely be
 db> installed with such when given to said recipient.

Agreed, Linux/X would be our standard installation for this class of

 db> 3. _We_ can't give them pirate stuff lest M$ sue us to kingdom come.
 db> What they do afterwards is on their head.

Most definitely.  We have to toe the legal line ourselves.

 db> 4. I understand  one suggestion being tossed around at the moment is
 db> to offer training first followed by computer, in which case they would
 db> have been shown the benefits (esp. regarding employability).

This idea has a lot of merit.  A computer in the hands of a totally
illiterate person is a bulky paperweight.  In the hands of a trained
person (even with basic training), it is much more useful.

However, I do have one concern.  During training, it's easier to learn
when you have ready access to a computer.  If training is to take a fair
amount of time, I see a couple of options:

1.  That there be a public venue where students can practice, which
requires a lot of funds to run (rent, rates, etc).

2.  A computer is loaned to the student while they're studying.  On
completion of their training, they are awarded (given) the computer as
part of their reward for completion.  If they elect to opt out, the
computer is returned.  Might take a bit of administration though.

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