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[plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

It's 07 Jan 99  07:24:38,
We'll return to gossamer@tertius.net.au and All's
discussion of [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

 go> The HTML is inappropriate and sucks bandwidth, post in text!

Considering that there's likely to be users in here who use non HTML
aware readers (like me :) ), plain text would be most appropriate. :)

 go> But the idea of setting up a menu system and foolproof documentation,
 go> together with a 'buddy' people can call if they get in trouble, sounds
 go> good to me.  Giving people tools to teach -themselves-.

Easier said than done, unless we can come up with a different and
effective approach.  People can get so in awe with computers that they
lose the ability to tackle them from a functional, common sense manner,
and end up learning specific details in a piecemeal fashion.

IOW, it's far more useful in the long run, to learn the broad concepts
and techniques of running a computer, which can then be applied to
whatever system you're sitting in front of, whether that be Linux,
Windows, Mac, Amiga or whatever.

Gets back to that article someone pointed out a while back, where the
analogy between computers and cars was made.

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