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Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

It's 07 Jan 99  07:21:13,
We'll return to gossamer@tertius.net.au and All's
discussion of Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

 go> Why on earth would anybody start an xterm just to start netscape?

 go> That's what window managers are for - providing menus and things.  If
 go> familiarity is what we want, there's even a WM to look like Win95.

True, or go for a full blown environment like KDE, where it's point and
shoot to add new apps to the menus, and even form Win 95 like file
associations (though I haven't yet associated .doc with Star Office yet
:) ), and I didn't succeed in getting GIMP to load GIF and JPEG images
by clicking on them yet.  Will have to fiddle when I get more time. :)

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