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Re: Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

Nathan Dietsch wrote:

> With X machines, the command line causes problems, starting an xterm just to
> start netscape is a pain, we need something like the run box in doze, I know of
> a few project to implement it.

Redhat 5.1 comes with Netscape 4.05 pre-configured into the X's start menu, and a
"Windows 95 like" Window Manager by default.

> Another issue is, how are all these parts being tracked? Is there a database of
> some kind? It is easy to keep track of whole computers, but what If I have
> every part bar one, maybe a video card. A searchable database of some kind,
> with a web or telnet interface would be great. I have database experience in
> the windows world (Access, SQL Server, etc ) but not in Linux. I am keen to do
> some work in the Linux arena, is such a project on the cards already?

> I can see a lot of requests like "does anyone have a X?"clogging the list, with
> a database you would just have to fire up a browser and run soem queries,
> locate the parts by their owner and you can get all the parts you need.
> Submission of available parts via the web.

Excellent idea - maybe a postgresql database or somesuch with a cgi web
front-end?  Maybe if a few developers could get together and put together an app
(preferably gpl'ed) to run under postgresql or msql?