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RE: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

Title: RE: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

I agree... I am grateful for Ken Yap and Mike Holland's observations regarding some of the obstacles.... I am keen to identify as early as possible any likely problems we may encounter, so we can solve them.

I am thinking a good strategy (as I mentioned briefly before) is to offer training in the first place, followed by (if necessary) a computer to take home.  This seems to me to be the most effective way to solve the problems you have mentioned.  I also think that the strategy depends on the client. 

I agree... I think we should look at using a range of strategies that are as focused  on the real needs of the client as much as possible.... however a reasonably generic strategy of training first, computer second seems to me to offer a solution for (most) cases? 

Please keep the thoughts/observations coming... (I would've taken ages to realise 10% of these by myself!)

Best to try and anticipate as many problems up-front as possible.  I'm of the opionion that avoiding unnecessary mistakes is  better than learning _after_ making them.  ;-)