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Re: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

> 1. We obtain and build computers ready to go with Linux.
> 2. Put with Computers, some basic instructional material to allow
> new-user to get started.
> 3. Put contact details on instructional material (for more help,
> XYZ?)
> 4. Give computers to various organisations to distribute to various
> persons/families in need.

I have serious reservations about this approach. As techies we tend to
think here's your computer, here's your GNU/Linux/OSS bible and you are
saved, hallelujah.

<broken record mode> There has to be a lot of user training and
handholding to go along with the computer. </broken record mode>.
And when we build a relationship with these people maybe they'd be less
likely to flog the gift at the nearest op shop, hmm?

I think the approach will vary according to user group. Maybe in some
cases, like recent migrants, it will be a home PC and visits by a home
tutor. For dysfunctional youth, maybe a computer room in the local club
and supervision. It all depends. Installing and documenting the software
is just one of the things in a chain of things that have to be done. I
don't think we can say what the approach should be until we have gone
out and got our customers.