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RE: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

> 1. People are not stupid

I disagree.

But I do think the GNU approach to a training manual is your best bet.


Chris J.

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Chris Johnson wrote:

> I would caution you all against trying to provide computer training.
> You will find that people simply devour your time without learning a
> damn thing.

I disagree:

1. People are not stupid - if the training is aimed at the right level
most people  _can_ learn if they _want_ to... if they don't - well
bully for
them... having done Computer Training as a job within several
organisations I
am aware that from time to time, you _do_ get some persons who either
not learn, (or maybe can't), however they are in the minority, and
they are
vastly outnumbered by people who _have_ got half a brain, and are
willing to
use it...

2. My thinking (briefly) to do the training is as follows:
    a. Develop course material along the lines of LDP howto's - but
structured such that they are broken into 1 hour chunks that a
competent linux nut could basically follow through, and explain /
questions.  The documents can then be submitted to LDP (i expect
they'd be
extrememly useful for anyone keen on getting people off windoze and
    b. scope of training is focused on getting people up-and-running
(from a
variety of starting points) in the fundametnals of linux and computers
they roughly know enough to find out the rest of what they need to
know via
usenet or whatever other means.
    c. In terms of _who_ does the training... ok, training is still a
that not everyone has - but I've done it for a living before, and
would be
willing to offer up an hour or 2 on a saturday morning  8-)  I'm sure
that we
could find other's willing to offer their time (and others willing to
their loungrroom for a few hours to run a small class????

In terms of developing the course material... I am thinking there is
reason why these can't be developed using a GNU methodology just like
software - if some-one posts a to-do list and/or a table-of-contents,
that need happen is people fill in relevant sections and submit to
responsible - errors, ommissions, wording, etc, can be worked out as a
effort by anyone/everyone interested ... I am putting together some
proposal/discussion starters at present that will flesh out what I
am... will
submit url soon (expect about a week to prepare)...


David Buddrige