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Re: Proposals and information

>On 29 Nov, Kylie Davies wrote:
>> Probably setting up an ISP service or linking in with other ISP's who
>> will provide subsidised internet access for users. If we set up a few
>> our selves (for state groups) we could charge a yearly / or other
>> subscription fee depending on user ability to pay...That way we could
>> develop the community / support/ training functions. Anybody know of
>> some ISP's that provide subsidised access for people on low incomes? 
>Don't forget APANA, which are non-profit and additionaly likely to be
>Linux friendly.
>I'd strongly recommend against getting into the ISP business yourself.

I second that.

Zipworld for example offer unlimited AM access for $10 pm. It's hard to
make a case for trying to compete with that when $10 is probably less
than the phone bill for a month, or a tank of petrol, even for a low
income family. It's just one of those hits of modern life one has to take.