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Perth ComputerBank Web-site - todo list and gnuinventory

Hi all,

This is just a quick announcement.  I have put together 2  _basic_
web-pages on the Perth ComputerBank web-site

One is a TODO list to list all of the tasks that need to happen.  Please
note that one of hte tasks is taking over responsiblity for the web
page, and also working on the TODO list. (-8.  The url is:

The other is a starting page for a GNU Inventory package, which will be
used to record the inventory of comuters that Computer Bank recievies.
 It is envisaged to run over the web with a postgresql back-end. The url

A computer with 24x7 connection to the net is currently being sourced to
host these pages and also to provide somewhere to centrally store data
relating to these projects.  This should happen within the next few

Anyway, check out the pages if you're interested.  Suggestions,
volenteers and other assistance is encouraged.

Cheers all

David Buddrige