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Re: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

In message <36960381.1373053@smtp.tig.com.au>, spblunt@ozemail.com.au writes:
>On Wed, 06 Jan 1999 21:15:44 +0800, David Buddrige
><dbuddrige@ozemail.com.au> wrote:
>>2. My thinking (briefly) to do the training is as follows:
>>    a. Develop course material along the lines of LDP howto's - but
>>structured such that they are broken into 1 hour chunks that a reasonably
>>competent linux nut could basically follow through, and explain / answer
>>questions.  The documents can then be submitted to LDP (i expect they'd be
>>extrememly useful for anyone keen on getting people off windoze and into
>The LDP howto's seem to be aimed at people who already have a fair idea of
>what they are doing.  Ken posted a good article on this sort of thing the
>other day.  Rather than "Using Pine" for example, you want to give someone
>a good understanding of what email is and what you do with it rather than
>just teaching the software.

Excellent point. The LDP isn't really designed for this sort of document,
but there are other places out there that would love to have documents like
these written. If you write it, I'll make sure it gets distributed to the
right places and publicized such that more people help out with it. :)
>>effort by anyone/everyone interested ... I am putting together some
>>proposal/discussion starters at present that will flesh out what I am... will
>>submit url soon (expect about a week to prepare)...

Excellent. I'll try to send some editors and documentation people your way
once you get going.

>Like I mentioned the other day, we need to detirmine what apps we will be
>using and what material is out there.  I'll probably sort something out
>over the weekend.

Be sure to check out Project Independence, http://www.independence.seul.org/
Their goal is to come up with a distrib that can be used by the normal home
user. They're targetting more powerful hardware than you guys seem to be,
but you can certainly gain some benefit from their packages (they've
packaged a lot of user-friendly programs and will package more as they find
time) and their software evaluations. (And of course, they certainly need
more people working in this direction. It's a lot of work.)