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Re: Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

> (my daughter) doesn't like the name Linux ????? {you tell me}

Huh? :) How old is your daughter? Whatever happened to the
virtues of not judging a book by its cover? :)

>  she tells me if she cant get 
> ICQ WITH full chat then forget it..

I have used ICQ under linux. It does seem to be able to do what i
would consider full ICQ chat quite well. It did the last time i
used it anyhow. (Gtk ICQ) See


Also feel free to check out KXicq (KDE ICQ client) which also
supports chat.


Perhaps since Mirabilis has been bought out by aol ICQ will soon
become something that you pay to use...a linux alternative may
then actually seem to be the better choice for free ICQ type

There is also some development of ICQ like protocols in the
gnu/linux community eg: HCP (Human Communications Protocol) at
http://zephyrus.ml.org/HCP/about.html and Teaser and Firecat at