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Minimum linux (Re: Random thoughts - A spanner in the works)

> >PS.
> >I have for ages, after seeing what Linux can do, been trying to find 
> >out the MINIMUM configuration to get it on board - since I have a 
> >100M drive I could use. - any suggestions would be appreciated.
> >I have Redhat & Slackware.
> Install A, AP and N from Slackware.  It should come in at under 100M

Debian also has an option in the install for what they consider a
minimal system. I used that plus a few X packages and then a bit of
pruning to get an X terminal into 50M. This has no compiler nor any
emacs though so it's not much fun to play with.

I mean, the Debian rescue floppy is a functional Linux in 1.44 M,
it is enough to edit files, copy and delete stuff, do disk maintenance.
I guess it all depends on what you mean by minimum. Maybe you only
want to run in single user mode and kill all networking, that cuts
it down even further.

	- Tel