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Re: Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

Steven Blunt (spblunt@bigpond.com) wrote...
> >PS.
> >I have for ages, after seeing what Linux can do, been trying to find 
> >out the MINIMUM configuration to get it on board - since I have a 
> >100M drive I could use. - any suggestions would be appreciated.
> >I have Redhat & Slackware.
> Install A, AP and N from Slackware.  It should come in at under 100M

Define "minimum"?  Most of the setups have rescue disks that get
you a command prompt and an editor and afew tools on one floppy 

My first Linux install was on a box with a 20mb hard drive.

IE:  Getting in under 100m should NOT be difficult, especially
if you skip X and stick to text stuff.  If I were doing it I'd
just do a standard debian (my SystemOfChoice) install and unselect
all the larger packages I didn't need ...


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