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Re: Random thoughts - A spanner in the works

>If I could change this beast to Linux, I would, but the owner of it 
>(my daughter) doesn't like the name Linux ????? {you tell me} 

Hack the source to change the name to something else.

>she can handle what she has well and she tells me if she cant get 
>ICQ WITH full chat then forget it..

Someone mentioned a tet mode ICQ app before. Don't use ICQ myself.

>I have for ages, after seeing what Linux can do, been trying to find 
>out the MINIMUM configuration to get it on board - since I have a 
>100M drive I could use. - any suggestions would be appreciated.
>I have Redhat & Slackware.

Install A, AP and N from Slackware.  It should come in at under 100M