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Re: document the stuff!

Brilliant idea!  I'll begin initial pages and include on web-site this 


>To: computerbank@linux.org.au
>Subject: document the stuff!
>Reply-To: ken@nlc.net.au (Ken Yap)
>Date: Fri, 08 Jan 1999 10:45:31 +1100
>From: Ken Yap <ken@nhj.nlc.net.au>
>>Hi all,
>>This is just a quick announcement.  I have put together 2  _basic_
>>web-pages on the Perth ComputerBank web-site
>Great stuff David.
>Apropos of Web sites and all this is a plea for everybody to document
>what has happened. No not the techie stuff, that's covered already,
>but the war stories, those gotchas while negotiating this and that, the
>human interest things that should be of no consequence but in the real
>world are the bottlenecks. They could be on the Web page or posted to 
>list. In fact why not start an online diary. They could help other 
>be aware of pitfalls. And someday we will want a history to look back 
>	Cheers, Ken

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