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Melbourne Specific type announcement


This post is really only for Melbourne computerbank participants,

I would like to try and arrange a meeting for interested people
in Melbourne to attend. Sam Reid (from Net Exposure), Mac Lam and
Daniel Morriss (from  Simplicity IT) have kindly offered the use
of their workplace for such an event (they have also offered to
store equip too). It's in Sth Melbourne (near the market) so it
shoudln't be too hard for people to get to. 

Other suggestions (if this is problematic) are welcome.
Suggestions regarding suitable times (eg week end or week night)
are also called for.

I was hoping that we might be able to arrange this meeting for
next week or the week after. Thoughts please?

The meeting 'agenda' will likely be -

-> intro's, information, and ideas

->membership (for incorporation) 

-> discussion of ways to get people sorting out some of the equip
we have already. Seeing if we can turn any of it into useful

-> user training methods (though I like the idea that Dave has
re: GNU style development of training material etc)

->documentation and legalities 

->publicity and rallying support

->etc...suggestions welcome.

Please let me know your thoughts regarding this meeting.

BTW It would be good to finalise the details ASAP so that
announcements can be made on LUV / MLUG / other unix user group
mailing lists for VIC. 

The venue is not particularly big  (<50 ) so it would be helpful
for me to ascertain roughly how many people are likely to come.
(it may need to be relocated)