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Domain name and Incorporation info etc.

Hi all,

Just letting everybody know that Linux Australia have
registered the domain computerbank.org.au (Thanks Terry)
It will be (as David mentioned) delegated in the next week
or so. :)

Hopefully we will be able to put all of the web pages
relating to cb together within this domain name. (?)

BTW Dave The TO DO List is a neat idea and will be very
helpful for everyone. :)

The gnu/inventory idea is also great and will be a useful
tool for all :)

Thanks David for getting the ball rolling :)

An online diary, as Ken suggested, would be a great thing
to start (re : experiences, tales, etc.)

Re: Incorporation issue.

I am not sure how people want this to happen  

One possibility includes being individual type
computerbanks with individual type constitutions and
committees.  Eg: Perth Computerbank, Melbourne 
Computerbank, Sydney Computerbank etc. I am pretty sure
that this would be doable - however the fee for
incorporation as such is (i think) around $400 for each
application. With a bit of fund raising and membership we
could probably all raise $400 in each state. (maybe
someone can check this to make sure?) 

I don't know about the national approach...If any one does
- please feel free to comment. 

Does anyone have other suggestions of ways we may be able
to do this? Form a Co-op or something? Comments
appreciated here please.

I went and got a copy of the kit required for
incorporation in Vic. There are many requirements that one
needs to satisfy re incorporation. 

We would need to - ascertain memberships (for each state i
guess), elect office bearers, nominate a public officer /
person that will be responsible for the application
procedure, adopt a constitution, prepare a purpose
statement, agree to prepare financial statements /
budgets, adopt the (or formulate our own) model rules for
incorporation, agree to have a general meeting every
year...etc. (local)

FYI - 

"An incorporated association - a) has not less than five
members, b) has corporate status and therefore must have a
common seal, c)has perpetual succession, d)is capable of
suing and being sued, e)has the power to hold or acquire

"and no member or officer of the incorporated association
shall be liable to contribute towards the payment of the
debts and liabilities, or the costs, charges and expenses
of the winding up of the incorporated association"

"an incorporated association can make a pecuniary profit
as long as that profit is not divided amongst any of its

"an incorporated association has statutory power to invest
and deal with moneys not immediately required, raise or
borrow money as it thinks fit, and secure the repayment of
money so raised or borrowed or the payment of a debt or
liability by giving mortgages, charges or securities upon
or over all or any of the property of the association."

 - quoted From the Information Booklet I received with the

In addition to this I am expecting to meet with one of my
uni lecturers next week. She specialises in organisational
social work  issues (e.g.: non profit organisation
politics). Some of the volunteers in Melbourne are also
knowledgeable in this field (also meeting next week) so i
hope to get input from there also. 

I hope to speak to someone in the legal area shortly too.

It also might be good for some of us to put together some
standard publicity /promotional type material that each
state can use / or borrow ideas from.(future uses?) e.g.:
for getting donations, for recruitment of volunteers and
in terms of promoting the computerbank to social service
organisations / schools / community groups and
etc.(??thoughts wanted??))