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Re: Domain name and Incorporation info etc.

On  9 Jan, Kylie Davies wrote:

> Just letting everybody know that Linux Australia have
> registered the domain computerbank.org.au (Thanks Terry)
> It will be (as David mentioned) delegated in the next week
> or so. :)

The domain name has been delegated now.
I'll act act as technical contact, but I'd like any requests for
domainnames etc to come via Kylie, I don't want to be involved in that
aspect of the decision making process.

Linux Australia could set up ftp only accounts to allow hosting of
individual regional Computerbank pages under the national umbrella
which Kylie manages. Alternatively if you are in a position to
configure virtual hosting then you could be brought in via that

Kylie, I'll work on getting http://www.computerbank.org.au/ pointing at
your pages on the Linux Australia server this afternoon.


terry@albert.aapra.org.au, terry@linux.org.au