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Re: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

On 10 Jan, David Buddrige wrote:

> 1. Need to be broken down into 1-2 hour "chunks".
> 2. Need associated Trainer's guide.
> 3. Need to review for given audience. (_very_ computer-illiterate - may vary
> from LDP doco to the next)...
>> All they'd need is course notes added to them, using them as reference texts.
> Maybe some re-hashing depending on target audience - as needed...

I don't think you'll find breaking the documents down into half hour
chunks practical. I do think that it would be relatively easy to design
half sesssions focussing on particular points of learning.

I'm not suggesting the Guides be used as training manual/course notes,
that isn't what they were designed for. I do think they would serve well
as reference texts accompanying some course notes.


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