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Re: [plug] Re: Computer Bank - please dont give them away.

terry@albert.aapra.org.au wrote:
> On 10 Jan, David Buddrige wrote:
> > 1. Need to be broken down into 1-2 hour "chunks".
> > 2. Need associated Trainer's guide.
> > 3. Need to review for given audience. (_very_ computer-illiterate - may vary
> > from LDP doco to the next)...
> >
> >> All they'd need is course notes added to them, using them as reference texts.
> >
> > Maybe some re-hashing depending on target audience - as needed...
> I don't think you'll find breaking the documents down into half hour
> chunks practical. I do think that it would be relatively easy to design
> half sesssions focussing on particular points of learning.


Learn a little about the history of gnu/linux ? very quick
history touching on major aspects only)

Learn about what computers such as those with linux are
used for

Learn about what the internet can be used for

Learn the command line basics

Learn an editor if there is a need for it

Learn how to connect to internet / maybe a little about
networking fundamentals 

Learn email

Learn browsing

Learn irc

Learn news groups

Learn ?

More info can be obtained once somebody has an
understanding of this. Eg give them the tools and
resources required to be able explore.